My Dad's Retirement Sermon

Dearest Yogis,  

So far this has been a remarkable year in my family.  I became an aunt, my mother turned 70, and my father retired from over 30 years as a minister in the Protestant church!  I am in awe and feeling deeply honored to be able to witness all of this growth in my immediate family!  For now, we will bask in our achievements and watch my niece grow!

My Father's last sermon at the church he has been ministering for the last 16 years was titled "YOU ARE A MIRACLE".  The essence of his final words to his congregation was basically WAKE UP TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE!  When babies are born we say 'What a miracle!' But once we become adults, by then we have completely forgotten that not only is it a miracle to be alive but


Although, retiring from the church was bittersweet he was confident that the congregation would still thrive not because they loved him but they all loved each other!  They chose to worship together, to be in each other's lives, to be a strong community!  He asked them to continue to practice loving each other, to continue to show up for each other, to continue with their community outreach so that the whole town knew they could continue to rely and and seek guidance from them!

As a yoga community, I see this love strengthening all the time every class we share together, all the outreach that supports our local communities from teens to vets, and our global outreach.  But it is also our quiet, personal inner reach that strengthens this light!  The part of our journey that others don't see.... the part where we look to ourselves and remember the Miracle.  The more weight we put on that fact, the brighter, clearer, and more loving we become!  Jai!

This Summer will be a time of rest, assisting Rod Stryker, and enjoying the beauty around me.  In the Fall, I will be teaching more trainings in San Francisco - Sri Yoga 500 hour Teacher Training, a Weekend Northern California Weekend Retreat in Wine Country, and my annual Midwest Tour! 

I love you and hope to see you soon!

Brenna Geehan, 500-E-RYT, teaches weekly hatha flow classes in San Francisco at Yoga Tree Stanyan, Yoga Tree 6th Avenue and Yoga Tree Hayes. Brenna co-directs Sri Yoga™ Teacher Trainings and Retreats with Jean Mazzei and travels nationally offering Yoga seminars. To inquire about an upcoming retreat or training, or to schedule a private consultation with Brenna, contact her here. Learn more at